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In 2013, Mere Snow asked her husband Evan if she could use the front of his computer repair shop to sell Filipino snacks and treats. Surprisingly, the snacks were a huge hit and customers began to ask if they could carry more goods from the Philippines. The computer service gradually moved to the back of the store to make way for more shelf space and products, and in April of 2015 the Lil-m Sari Sari Store was officially established. From its humble beginnings, Merle and Evan sought to provide the best Filipino products and services for the best possible price. The most common sentiments from customers was that there were not many stores in Western New York selling Filipino products, that the selection was not very good and the prices were too high. It had become apparent that the needs of the Philippine community were not being met at the local Domestic and Asian markets. During the recent Pandemic, Lil-m remained open to all customers and made certain their shelves were stocked and the prices were fair. To better serve the Philippine community during that time, Lil-m began to offer online shopping with shipping within the continental United States. Today, Lil-m Sari Sari Store is the primary source of Filipino goods in Western New York State, with customers coming from as far away as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virgina and Canada. The store has grown from a small shelf offering chips, to one boasting 2000 cubic feet of space, offering an incredible selection of products from the Philippines. With monthly trips to a Filipino bakery on the East Coast and freshly made treats like Halo-Halo, Lil-m Sari Sari Store always strives to support and promote the Philippine community. Whenever demand for an item increases, every effort is made to offer that item when possible.

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